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Big Green Coach x PL23

Putting the Green in Big Green Coach, this year all coach services to Parklife will be carbon
neutral. In collaboration with Ecolibrium, investments into renewable energy projects will be
calculated to balance all emissions from each and every seat.

Big Green Coach are our Official Travel Partner. Book with them and not only with you save
the hassle of planning your trip, save on hotels and cabs and not miss a minute of the action,
you’ll also be saving the planet.

With audience travel accounting for almost 80% of carbon emissions of a festival, it’s never
been more important to think about your travel choices. Not only does it reduce carbon
emissions, it takes loads of traffic off the roads around site!

Big Green Coach also work with Cool Earth to protect Amazon Rainforest. For every
customer that travels with them, they sponsor 5sq foot of rainforest for 10 years. Over the
last few years that means more than one million square foot has already been protected!


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