General Information | Rockstar Energy Presents Parklife 2024


Heaton Park, Manchester M25 2SW

Heaton Park is one of the largest municipal parks in Europe covering an area of up to 600 acres. Heaton Park has been open as a park since 1902. At Heaton Park there are great facilities such as an 18-hole golf course, a boating lake, an adventure playground and a tramway museum. The Park has a long and rich history of hosting festivals and concerts.

In Early 1900’s numerous gramophone open air concerts took place whereas in more recent times, Heaton Park was visited by Pope John Paul the second in 1982 and celebrated by over 100,000 people attending. At the peak of ‘Madchester’, Heaton Park hosted ‘Cities in the Park’ which featured the great and the good of the day including Happy Mondays, De La Soul and 808 State. In more recent times Heaton Park has hosted now legendary concerts by The Stone Roses and Oasis.

Heaton Park is situated to the North of Manchester city centre. It is 5 miles from the city centre and is well serviced by public transport being on the Bury Metro link line as well as other public transport. Being just adjacent to the M60 ring road it is easily accessed by car.


Opening times


Saturday 8th June : 12.00 – 23.00

Sunday 9th June : 13.00 – 23.00

Last entry into the festival is 17.00.

No re-admittance allowed after leaving the festival site.

There are three public entry and exit gates to Parklife this year which are, West Gate located on Bury Old Road, South Gate which is on Sheepfoot Lane, the North Gate is by the Lake in Heaton Park. VIP should use the South Gate

The Parklife Express bus service (Travel Pass) will drop inside Heaton Park. We would advise people travelling via the Parklife Express to follow the footpath and use the North Gate by the Lake.

People walking to the park should follow the event signage.


Conditions of entry, further to our terms and conditions, please see below:
  • Please obey the law. Drugs are no more legal at a festival than in the outside world. Drug dealing and consumption will not be tolerated. Parklife has zero tolerance for legal highs.
  • No alcohol or liquids of any kind
  • No drugs including ‘legal highs’ or Nitrous Oxide.
  • No knives or weapons
  • No aerosols, sprays or pressurised containers permitted
  • No flags
  • No glass
  • No umbrellas
  • Admission is subject to search
  • No under 17’s – 17 year olds must be accompanied by a responsible guardian aged 18 or over. (Maximum of 4 under 18’s per responsible guardian).
  • No food
  • No perfumes or aftershaves
  • No dogs
  • No flares or fireworks
  • No bikes
  • No re-entry
  • No drink of any kind [empty plastic refillable bottle are allowed – up to 500ml, no metal bottles, free water points are located across the festival]
  • Sun cream or lotion sized at 200ml or less in original containers, vape liquid, and eye drops in standard plastic 10ml containers will be allowed but contents may be tested on arrival
  • No laser pens or pointers
  • No professional cameras, including professional camera equipment (e.g. camera stand, lenses, and selfie sticks)
  • No audio recording equipment, noise-making devices
  • No skateboards and rollerblades, hover-boards, scooters, bicycles, and other personal motorized and non-motorized vehicles
  • No unauthorized solicitation or marketing materials (e.g., handbills, flyers, stickers)
  • No drones or unmanned aerial systems
  • No high visibility vests or coats
  • No rucksacks or large bags (small bags (that are not rucksacks) are allowed into the festival with the dimensions W21cm x H30CM x D8cm (A4 Size)).
  • No Selfie-Sticks
  • Filming and photography in the gate areas is not allowed.
Please note Nitrous Oxide possession is illegal. Do not risk it.
If you arrive with any of the above items you will usually be able to dispose of it/them at the gate.
No items left at the gate will be able to be collected once the customer has left the gate area.
Items surrendered at the gate can be disposed of immediately.
Management reserve the right to refuse admission
If a wristband is removed, it can be replaced on-site with a valid ticket. If this happens while the customer is off-site, it can not be replaced.
Please note valid I.D. is required upon entry.
Accepted forms of I.D. are:
– in date passport
– in date driving license (provisional accepted)
– in date citizen card



Parklife continues to work to ensure the festival is accessible for everyone attending and we will once again be working closely with Attitude is Everything to make this happen. Please read the following page for all information on our onsite facilitates.

Our application form for accessibility will closed. We close the application form a month before the festival to ensure the access team have enough time to process and accommodate all requests.

If you have any queries or questions please email [email protected]

2 for 1 ticket for a personal assistant

We provide a 2:1 ticket scheme for individuals who would be unable to attend our events without bringing a personal assistant. Once you have bought a full price ticket, please fill in the access requirement form and provide us with documentation in order to receive your personal assistant ticket.

Please Note: Personal assistant tickets come at no extra charge.  Please do not buy a ticket for your personal assistant as these tickets will not be refunded.

Before applying for a personal assistant ticket, please make sure you have one of the following forms of evidence available to support your application.

Access Card with the +1 symbol (for a 2 for 1 ticket)

DLA/PIP or equivalent  (dated within the last 12 months)

Medical Professionals letter – reviewed case by case

Deaf or blind registration

Nimbus Access Card

Both sides of your blue badge – only accepted as evidence for Disabled parking

A letter from a doctor or other medical professional confirming you could not attend the festival alone (for 2 for 1 ticket) and/or have a disability or medical condition that requires you to use the car park (for vehicle passes).

These documents will need to be sent over alongside evidence of your ticket. All documents sent, will be kept securely and destroyed after the applications have been processed.

Your application may take up to 4 weeks to process, you will be sent an email confirmation. Your PA ticket will need to be printed off and brought with you to the festival.

Arriving and departing the festival

Metrolink: There are two tram stops within close proximity to the festival site; Heaton Park and Bowker Vale. Heaton Park is closer to the site, and is across the road from the West gate entrance, however this is the least accessible entrance and the Access Reception is on the other side of the festival site. It is recommended that you arrive at Bowker Vale and then walk the short distance to the Access Entrance just off Sheepfoot Lane, M25 0DN. The Heaton Park tram stop will be CLOSED when the event finishes, for leaving the event you MUST use Bowker Vale.

Taxi: Ask your taxi to drop you at the at the Lakeside car park which is just off Sheepfoot Lane, M25 0DN.

Bus: The bus stop will drop you at the North Gate of the festival site, however it is equidistant to walk to the Access Reception, so please follow the Access signs.

Parking: The Access Car Park is located in the hard standing car park at Sheepfoot Lane, M25 0DN, it is beyond the public car park, and is adjacent to the Reception.

Bike: The bike store is located just off Sheepfoot Lane, M25 0DN, it is the hard standing car park, which is adjacent to the Reception.

Walking: When heading from Bury Old Road, go beyond the Southtrave entrance on Sheepfoot Lane, M25 0DN, to find the entrance to the car park and then the Access Reception. When heading from Middleton Road, walk along Sheepfoot Lane and follow signs for public and Access Car Park, the Access Reception is adjacent to the Access Car Park.

SHEEPFOOT LANE CAR PARK WILL BE SHUT FROM 20:00 UNTIL 01:00 [we aim to open it before this time, but need to wait for the road to clear from customers leaving the site]. NO VEHICLES (INCLUDING TAXIS) WILL BE ABLE TO ACCESS OR LEAVE SHEEPFOOT LANE CAR PARK DURING THESE TIMES.

Access Reception

The most accessible entrance to Parklife is through the Access Reception, which is located in the hard standing car park of Lakeside car park, Sheepfoot Lane, M25 0DN. You must access via the Access Reception in order to collect any accreditation for access services you have been approved for. This includes: the viewing platform and accessible toilets. The Access Reception will be open from 08:00 – 19:00.

Accessible Parking

An accessible car park is located as close as possible to an event entrance, in the hard standing area of the car park at Sheepfoot Lane, M25 0DN.

Access Around Site

Parklife takes place on the Papal field of Heaton Park. A majority of the ground is grass, please be prepared if the weather is wet, or if there has been an excess of rain in the days leading up to the festival, the conditions are likely to become very muddy. There are areas with hardstanding, but it is very limited. It is approximately 700m from the access reception to the main stage viewing platform ( If platform gets too busy staff may ask PA’s to step off the platform.).

Please note it is not Parklife’s responsibility to assist your navigation across site.

Viewing Platforms

All pre-approved access attendees will receive a wristband for general attendance. If approved beforehand, you will also be issued with a Viewing Platform wristband and PA lanyard at the Access Reception which will allow a PA or one friend to accompany you to the viewing platform. This lanyard can be transferred between people should you have several people within your group.

All general wristbands will be provided upon entering the festival in exchange for your ticket. Viewing Platform wristbands and PA Lanyards will be provided at the Access Reception by the Access Manager.

Admittance to the viewing platform will only be given to those wearing a viewing platform wristband or in possession of an access lanyard.

There will be a viewing platform available at the Main Stage and The Valley Stage. Please bear in mind that the FOH staff have been given permission to use the toilets within the viewing platform.

Smoking or vaping is not permitted on the viewing platforms. Umbrellas cannot be used on the viewing platforms.

We ask that customers using the viewing platforms are respectful to their fellow platform users and the stewards managing them. Any customer found to be disregarding these requests will be removed by security.

Please note that if the viewing platform becomes very busy, priority will be given to access customers and PA will be requested to not use the viewing platform.

Accessible Toilets

We have a number of accessible toilets around the festival site. These are located:

  • In all toilet blocks
  • All viewing platforms
  • Access reception
  • Medical and Welfare

These are for the exclusive use of access customers. Some access toilets that are not within the viewing platforms will all have a code lock which you will need to collect from the Access Reception. It is the access customers responsibility to put the combination padlock back onto the toilet door, failure to do so will enable non accessible customers to use the toilets.

Viewing platform accessible toilets will be manned by either security/penned in by fencing. The remainder will be within public areas and will be stipulated on the door that guests wearing access wristbands are to take priority, but please remember not all attendees will have accreditation and that not all disabilities are visible. IT IS IMPORTANT TO LOCK THE TOILETS AFTER USAGE IN ORDER TO PREVENT MISUSE.


If you require having prescriptive medication with you, please ensure that this is sealed in a clear polythene bag as it may need to be inspected upon arrival. Please understand that we have a duty of care for all customers at the festival therefore searches will be put in place for everyone’s safety. There will also be a fridge in the Access Reception where medication can be stored at your own risk. You will also be asked to sign a disclaimer form stating that you understand this. Please bring some form of ID with you as we will only be able to hand medication back to the named person or their PA. Please note that the Access Reception will close at 19:00.

Food and Drink 

A number of our bars have lowered service points which can be used by Accessible Customers. You will need to show you accreditation to the bar staff member in order to use this service. We are working hard with our traders to try and ensure that all their menus are as accessible as possible.

Parklife asks that you don’t bring your own food and drink into the festival, however if you have any specific dietary requirements due to health conditions please notify us in advance to avoid confiscation of food and drink upon arrival. Please email [email protected]

Assistance Dogs

We welcome assistance dogs onto the site with advance notice. There will be an area provided for toileting and drinking.

Strobe Lighting

There will be general warning signs in all the performance areas if strobe lighting will be used. Due to the nature of the artists, it is likely that strobe lighting will be used throughout the performances. There will not be a warning immediately before a period of strobe lighting.

Medical Services

There are First Aid and Welfare facilities within the event site. There will also be Medics and First Aiders on patrol around the event. If you require more information, please get in touch.


Contact details for access enquiries

If you require more information on the disabled access facilities at the event or would like to get in touch please email [email protected]

Please note that all information was correct at time of distribution – Access Reception will provide more recent information if required.


We have a number of bars onsite selling alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Parklife operates the ‘Challenge 21’ policy. If you look under 21 please do not be offended if we ask you for proof of age when you buy alcohol. Please bring proof of ID to show you are over 18. Recognised forms of ID are:

We accept the following forms of Identification:

• Current UK Passport
• Current Driver’s License or Provisional License
• CitizenCard

Please enjoy alcohol responsibly.

Do not buy alcohol for persons under the age of 18, if you do you risk being ejected from the festival.

parklife is cashless

Parklife operates a cashless festival. This is to speed up service and reduce queue times to provide a better customer experience.

All bars, food concessions, merchandise and other points of sale will only accept card or mobile payment.

Please make sure you bring a card / fully charged phone with you to ensure you have a payment method as cash will not be accepted.

Fake tickets/tRUSTED OUTLETS

Ticket fraud is where you buy tickets from a website, but the tickets turn out to be fake or do not arrive.

We actively encourage all Parklife customers to only buy their tickets from our official outlets:

How do scam ticket websites work?

– The website offers you the chance to buy tickets to a popular event – The event is often sold-out, or the tickets haven’t officially gone on sale yet.

– You pay for tickets but they are never delivered.

– In some cases you might be told that a customer representative will meet you at the venue on the day, but nobody turns up.

– You may even receive the tickets, but when you arrive at the event they do not scan at the entrance due to being fake.

– When you try to call the company you bought the tickets from, your calls are not answered or do not connect.

– Remember that it’s easy for scammers to set up a fake website that looks genuine. Some even use a name or website url that is similar to a legitimate website. If you’re unsure or it sounds too good to be true, leave the website immediately.

Get safe online: Protect yourself from ticket scam websites

– Check where the company’s office is and whether they have a landline in this country and a proper address rather than a PO box.

– Check online if there is adverse criticism of the company.

– Ask questions, such as when the ticket will be dispatched and what type of ticket you are buying.

– Read the terms and conditions on all but particularly not known websites (some ticket websites state quite clearly that there are no refunds).

– Pay for tickets by credit card – the card issuer is jointly liable for a failure for goods or services to be provided as long as the price of a single ticket is more than £100 (but less than £30,000) but check with your card provider how long the period of liability is if the event is further ahead .

– Check the payment pages are secure by looking for a padlock symbol in the address bar, and making sure the website address begins with ‘https’.

If you have lost money to a ticket scam, report it to Action Fraud


If you lose something at Parklife, there is a Lost Property desk  where you can go to log what you have lost and try to reclaim anything that has been found.

After the festival, you will need to complete this online form, collection is by appointment only. So please wait until you have confirmation that we have your item, before coming to collect.

PLEASE NOTE –  items will only be kept 2 weeks after the festival, when it will then be given to local charities.

Drugs policy

Parklife Festival has zero tolerance for drugs and legal highs. Should you be found with either a controlled substance or herbal or legal high at the point of entry you will be denied entry and handed over to the Police. Should you be found within the festival site with either a controlled substance or herbal or legal high you will be ejected and handed over to the Police.

Anyone seeking information on the risk of taking illicit drugs or new psychoactive substances should refer to the FRANK website here: ( or the new confidential helpline (0800 77 66 00).


By volunteering for a maximum of 8 hours on only one day of the festival, you will get free entry to both days of Parklife 2024 and have plenty of time to enjoy the acts on the day you volunteer.

Please note, volunteers must be 18+, have proof of ID and a refundable deposit of £250 is required to secure your volunteer position.



No food or drink of any description is permitted into the festival.

There are a great variety of food stalls onsite offering a wide range of food including organic, vegetarian and vegan options. There will be a large number of bars selling alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. You must be over 18 years of age to purchase alcohol. We will be operating a challenge 21 policy if you look under 21 we will ask you for ID so please do not be offended.

If you have a pre-existing medical condition which relates to food or drink please contact our Access Officer to discuss options on [email protected]

There are multiple free water points located across the Parklife site, please look for signage, check a festival map or ask a member of staff if you need help finding these.

Attendees can bring their own reusable water bottles into the festival. These must be no larger than 500ml and must not be metal.


We are pleased to have this event in Heaton Park. We can only do so with the support of the local community, please respect our neighbours by arriving and leaving peacefully, not trespassing on their private property and not dropping litter.

If you are a local resident of the park and have a question please e-mail: [email protected] or visit our Community Impact Site

under 18’s

Under 17s are not permitted. 17 year old’s must be accompanied by a responsible adult, up to a ratio of four 17 year olds to one adult (18 or over).


Where can I buy tickets?

You can buy tickets from our Tickets page where you’ll find options for day, weekend, VIP and payment plans.

Our official ticketing partners are Ticketmaster, See Tickets, GigsAndTours, Resident Advisor, Skiddle and Fatsoma.

We do not recommend buying from second hand websites such as TicketSwap and Viagogo nor from strangers on social media as there’s a change they could be fake tickets which will not be valid for entry.

When can I arrive/leave by?

Parklife gates open from 12:00 on Saturday 8th and 13:00 Sunday 9th June. On both days the event finishes at 23:00.

Last entry to Parklife is 5pm.

If I leave Parklife, can I get back in?

No, there is no re-entry into the festival whatsoever. But we have everything you need inside the site.

Can I come to Parklife if I am under 17?

No, unfortunately all attendees have to be 17 or over to attend Parklife Festival. 17 year olds must be accompanied by a responsible adult. (Maximum of 4 under 18’s per adult)

I have an enquiry about my ticket, who do I speak to?

Please contact the ticket agent that you purchased your ticket from; Ticketmaster, See Tickets, Skiddle or Fatsoma.

Can I bring suncream into Parklife?

Yes – Sun cream or lotion sized at 200ml or less in original containers, vape liquid, and eye drops in standard plastic 10ml containers will be allowed but contents may be tested on arrival.

Can I bring a water bottle into Parklife?

Yes – Attendees can bring their own reusable water bottles into the festival. These must be no larger than 500ml and must not be metal.

There are multiple free water points located across the Parklife site, please look for signage, check a festival map or ask a member of staff if you need help finding these.

Can I camp overnight?

No, Parklife is not a camping festival and all attendees will be asked to leave the site at the end of the event at 23:00. No cars are permitted to park overnight in the allocated car parks.

Are dogs allowed into the event?

No pets are allowed within the event site. Assistance Dogs, however, will be permitted – please contact [email protected]

I would like to bring my food/market stall to Parklife, who do I contact?

See the Trading at Parklife section on the Info page for contact information.