WaterAid has over 20 years of experience delivering essential Water, Sanitation and Hygiene services at festivals and this year we’re excited to be partnering with Parklife festival. Our services not only enhance the experience of festival attendees, but also support our work and help to change other people’s lives. 

This year, we’re campaigning around the effects of climate change. Our climate is changing at an alarming rate and it’s making it even harder for the world’s poorest people to get clean water. More frequent and extreme flooding is polluting fragile water sources; longer droughts are drying up springs. People need a reliable supply of water that keeps pumping through flood, drought and natural disaster. Because with clean water, they can stay disease free, go to school, earn a living and be better prepared for whatever the future brings.

We’ll be bringing a team of passionate volunteers to manage water points onsite and support the cup return scheme.