let the games begin... step right up, take a chance and make the most out of your weekend as we invite you to 'who wants to be a vip'

Hitting the spot on every occasion, enjoy expanded cocktail menus, draft brewskies and a host with the most. It may be your first, but it definitely won’t be your last visit.

You’re a VIP, there’s no need to wait, escape the crowds head round the back and enjoy your dedicated entry point.

Feeling hungry? Grab your taste buds and get ready to spin the wheel. A selection of the finest street food vendors at your disposal with a selection for all with  *vegitarian & vegan options included.

There is so much more to uncover, and you’re invited. Grab your friends and be ready to join a host of special guests in the wonderful world of the funhouse.

Incoming frequencies, you’ve been invited to a party that will save mankind, join a host of special guests and celebrate your right to dance.

No matter what you need, these are the luxury loo’s for you, take a moment to sit down and do your business, enjoy all our luxury restrooms have to offer.

Contestants are you ready for the weekend of a lifetime? Skip the queues, enjoy luxury loo’s, booze and so much more. Everyone takes part, and we'll make sure you're a winner.