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Return to New York is your VIP festival-within-a-festival. Themed on the glamour of 1980s downtown New York, the village pulses with exclusive attractions from dawn right through to the neon-lit night.

'By Invitation Only'

Entrance to Planet VIP comes with a wristband that delivers your membership to By Invitation Only- an intimate, exclusive club space hidden in the heart of Parklife. Inspired by the pioneering nightspots of 80s NYC. The immaculately decorated space will be hosting surprise sets throughout the weekend – playing up-close-and-personal with the crowd.

Old Skool Games Arcade

If the 70s were defined by disco, the 80s were as defined by video games as much as they were by the synthpop soundtracks that pumped through the games. In the old school arcade arena, you can get to lose hours grappling with timeless design classics such as Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Pinball and many more…

Downtown street food village

New York wouldn’t be complete without offering some serious NYC style diners. Return to New York has a serious selection of street food vendors, unavailable anywhere else. Expect delights veering from renowned Thai Street Food, to vast, juicy Burgers, to hot spiced Mexican Street Eats.

award winning cocktails

Who says a festival has to be about weak beer and warm cider? Return to New York is proud to host some of the country’s finest mixologists; shaking, whisking and splashing together a menu of award winning cocktails – expect pure taste served by the glass.

Hip-Hop Live Art

The art of Graffiti was born in New York City, an untamed street aesthetic that eventually spilling from the streets of the Bronx to take over the world. Now you can watch some of the best artists from the city take over Return to New York, working live to create bespoke pieces across the walls of the VIP village.

The Brewery

Put your feet up and sink a few tasty bevs, with our range of awesome beers!


It’s time to grab a snap in our pimped out photo booth, filled to the brim with props and NYC memorabilia ranging from the silly to the stylish.


Let’s get real – anyone who’s been to a festival before knows this is the best thing about being a VIP..!