PARKLIFE 2021 JUNE 12 & 13
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The quest for a kingdom of luxury is complete. Your weekend of VIP treatment commences now! Welcome, to the Citadel...

Stay refreshed and hydrated. Sit back and watch the world go by. Enjoy a cocktail or three at Downtown Dystopia – you deserve it.
Your early entry to the safe haven has been granted! Don’t wait in line, save your time. Skip the queue, and go right through.
Feeling hungry? The quest ends here! Dine amongst the finest street food selections. *Vegetarian & vegan options included.
Incoming frequencies! You’ve been invited to a party that will save mankind – join a host of special guests and celebrate your right to dance.
A posh pit to stop, when you need to drop…
Take a moment to sit down and do your business. Enjoy all our luxury restrooms have to offer.

Come join us in the Citadel VIP below...

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